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  • Capture Assistance
  • Bid And Tender Development
  • Structured Reviews (Pink, Red, Gold, Etc.)
  • Subject Matter Expertise Support
  • Key Communications Material
About Salentis

For more than a decade, Salentis has been helping companies to succeed in their 'must win' pursuits.

We are guided by a leadership team that possesses more than 50 years' combined business development and proposals experience, expertise and processes and tools that have been refined over hundreds of projects worth many billions of dollars. Our large pool of proposal experts develop bids that provide our clients the 'X factor' needed to win against the competition.

Salentis is your silent 'unseen advantage' in winning business.

Aaron Birkbeck Chief Executive Officer
Mindy Marchel Chief Technical Officer
('The Salentis Way')
Charlie Crawford Chief Commercial Officer
Richard Haldenby Chief Operations Officer

Our talent pool consists of several hundred proposal experts worldwide, including: Proposal Managers, Proposal Writers, Editors, Graphic Artists, Desktop Publishers, Proposal Coordinators, and Subject Matter Experts. We implement a 'Salentis Certification' program to continually bring on board more talented staff and make sure they meet our high standards of: technical expertise, quality of work, efficiency, ethics, and teamwork.

Our Services
Bid and tender development can be complex and difficult to orchestrate. Salentis works with clients to build the most appropriate support solutions to fit their requirements and budgets as well as the complexity and size of the bid. We have perfected the art of designing the best outcomes available for your resources. In all cases, our specialists work closely with your subject matter experts to translate your company’s service or product offering into compliant, comprehensive, effective, and easy-to-evaluate responses to your customers’ requirements.
"No matter the number of challenges you’ve faced, the number of roles you’ve had to play or work you’ve had to take on above and beyond what you were hired to do, you not only persevered but you excelled."
Proposal Manager
Northrop Grumman
United States of America
  • Capture
  • Bid and Tender Development
  • Structured Reviews
  • Subject Matter Expertise Support
  • Other Communications Collateral


Qualifying new business opportunities early in the business development lifecycle results in better win rates, while late qualification results in fewer wins and cost increases in business development. Performing certain activities well and in the right sequence establishes a company as competitive within their procurement arena. With the capture assistance provided by Salentis and our partners, clients can implement a capture management process to fit their company culture and management structure. Our professionals assist in:

  • Building a capture plan and resourcing the capture team
  • Understanding the customer’s requirements and objectives
  • Developing a preliminary solution linked to objectives
  • Positioning and building a relationship with the customer or end user
  • Assessing the competition
  • Developing a win strategy
  • Establishing a price to win
  • Planning and executing a teaming strategy and small business utilization plan
  • Assessing potential risk if awarded the contract

Using a solid capture management process provides a defined, repeatable, measured and optimized approach that will result in substantial benefits over time. With capture assistance, clients win more business from fewer, better-qualified opportunities; raise overall win probability; decrease costs; and improve the quality of life for business development employees.

“ We found their staff to be responsive, driven and committed to getting every detail in the proposal right. They took the time to properly assess how we were placed against our competitors and developed a winning strategy, which clearly communicated Square Leg’s strengths. Their experience and independent perspective throughout this process was invaluable.”

Square Leg

Bid and Tender Development

Engaging Salentis results in a whole new level of proposal brilliance that increases your chances of winning business. We work with our clients to build the most appropriate support solutions to fit their requirements and budgets as well as the complexity and size of each bid. We have perfected the art of designing the best outcomes available for your resources.

Salentis professionals include capture and proposal managers, writers, editors, graphic artists, production consultants, and training managers with relevant skill sets to meet our clients’ unique needs. Salentis consultants are trained and current in their specific fields offering an unmatched team of experts to provide state-of-the-art marketing design and technology, relevant and current subject matter expertise, and innovative communications concepts to help build your business.

“You are all true professionals dedicated to your job and the success of your client.  If the opportunity arises again, I would be honored to have you hijack my proposal again (just kidding!).”

Senior Scientist and Associate Director
Argonne National Laboratory
United States of America

Structured Reviews

Salentis facilitates structured reviews of your proposal to guide reviewers in their efforts to offer improvements to your bid. Our methods result in more focused efforts from reviewers, demand higher quality feedback from those reviewers, and significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of reviews.

Key enablers are our 'checksheets' which we tailor for each proposal effort and use during the reviews. Clients, time and again, have lauded this Salentis tool for its multiplying effect on the quality of review feedback.

Salentis incorporates structured reviews (e.g., Pink Team, Red Team, Gold Team) within our proposal development efforts and schedules, but we also offer structured review facilitation as a stand-alone service. We can even provide Subject Matter Experts and other experienced reviewers to participate in your proposal reviews.

“Salentis worked to tight deadlines to provide multiple high quality reviews of our proposal throughout development. Salentis also provided excellent subject matter expertise related to operating in the Middle East, which provided instrumental in Camber being able to submit a high quality, accurate, and relevant proposal.”

Vice President, Business Development
Camber Corporation
United States of America

Subject Matter Expertise Support

Salentis operates in a multitude of industries globally, including: Government, Military, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Rail, Infrastructure, Aviation & Aerospace, Telecommunications, Satellite & Space, Information Technology, Finance & Banking, Major Events, Catering, Remote Sites Services, Staffing, Correctional Services, Facilities Management, and Logistics. We constantly work with experts from all these industries and regularly place Subject Matter Experts from these fields on to capture and strategy development teams, proposal review teams, and even as writers.

“Being very constructive and considered in giving feedback was appreciated by the team supported by Salentis for content delivery.”
Senior Project Engineer

Other Communications Collateral

Salentis provides assistance to clients in development of a range of other communications collateral outside of proposals. These include:
  • Customer-shaping papers and documents
  • White papers
  • Venture Capital papers
  • Periodical articles and advertisements
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Banners

Our experts assist you to validate your company's credibility, enhance the implementation of your marketing strategy, strengthen your competitive position, convey the right information directly to your targeted audience, and shape your customers' thought processes to your advantage when they are building RFPs/RFTs. Our aim is to deliver a more focused result to your marketing efforts than a traditional marketing agency, thereby resulting in more business wins.

“The word 'brilliant' doesn't come close to describing what you have produced. I would need to grab a dictionary to find additional synonyms!”

Chief Executive Officer
Guardian Medevac
United Arab Emirates

Our Clients Include
When industry-leading companies worldwide find themselves in ‘must win’ situations, bidding on high value or strategically important contracts, they call on Salentis to secure the contract.


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