Supply of Engineer Support Platforms – Land 8120 Phase 1

Project date: May 2019

Our client is one of Australia’s largest engineering and maintenance companies.

Size of Project


Salentis Team Size




The Challenge

Our client was bidding to win a contract to acquire, on behalf of the Australian Defence Force, approximately 300 commercial-off-the-shelf pieces of engineering equipment with enhanced characteristics and military modifications. The equipment included earth moving, rock crusher, concrete batching plant, off-road material handling vehicles, and associated supporting Integrated Logistic elements for use by the Australian Defence Force for deployment in Australia and overseas.

The Solution

A team of four Salentis resources supported more than 30 of our client’s employees and staff from their major subcontractor – a specialist testing and evaluation firm – in their offices in Melbourne, Australia.

We used an abridged version of ‘The Salentis System’ due to the relatively short turnaround time to submission. We tailored key elements of our proposal development process that were needed to meet the ASDEFCON procurement requirements. This included kick-off workshops, colour team reviews, and cloud-based collaboration due to participants being in multiple geographical locations within Australia.

The Impact

Our client was successful in winning the contract. The proposal development effort resulted in an on-time submission of a compliant and compelling proposal that made our client the obvious choice for the evaluator.

“Well done to all, this is excellent news.
Thanks to all who have contributed to this bid. We have spent many months working hard and collaboratively to produce a high-quality response.
There was violent agreement that all key bid folks should have been onboarded earlier.”

Article published: May 2023

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