Salentis is much more than just helping clients win bids

Raising expectations. Eliminating Chaos.

Success is making our clients look brilliant

We are intensely competitive and we especially love helping our clients win. We don’t accept second best. Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients produce proposals that knock the socks off the evaluators. Our aim is for our clients to be delighted with the end result.

Saying that the brochure ‘turned out well’ is like saying the Mona Lisa is a ‘pretty good painting’. The word ‘brilliant’ doesn’t come close to describing what you have produced. I would need to grab a dictionary to find additional synonyms! It is great having such a professional team pulling this stuff together, you guys do a fantastic job.”

Chief Executive Officer

Doing the right thing for our clients, even when it’s hard

Not all proposals run smoothly and sometimes we have to wear many different hats to ensure a proposal gets across the line. We occasionally need to challenge our clients when they are at risk of going in the wrong direction. But we strongly believe that’s our job—to guide our clients to the best possible result.

“You are all true professionals dedicated to your job and the success of your client. If the opportunity arises again, I would be honored to have you hijack my proposal again (just kidding!).”

Senior Scientist and Associate Director

Results matter more to us than the hours we work

We don’t subscribe to the idea that projects should involve all-nighters or regular weekend work to deliver on time. Using the Salentis System, neither should be necessary. That said, we will do what it takes to ensure that the proposal is delivered on time. Not only that, it will be an exceptional piece of work.

No matter the number of challenges you’ve faced, the number of roles you’ve had to play or work you’ve had to take on above and beyond what you were hired to do, you not only persevered but you excelled.”

Proposal Manager

We are innately curious and seek to constantly improve

As part of our drive to deliver the best for our clients, we look to continually evolve best practice. We have adapted Kanban/Agile methodologies, worked out how to deliver projects remotely and adopted tools to improve efficiency and get better results. Although our system is continuously refined as we seek to learn from experience, our approach is consistent, enduring and underpins our success.

The great thing of working with Salentis is that you never say no, you always find a solution and you make it happen… successfully.”

Vice President, Government Services & Key Accounts

Team members who are proud to work with us and who share our values

Time and again our associates tell us that given a choice between two projects they would prefer to work with Salentis every time. That’s because of our ethos—we like to look after our people, treat them with respect, have fun and give them the support to do their best work. In return, they give us their all.

“I am proud to work with Salentis because they are very organized. They have project schedules, timelines and processes in place which allow the team to work efficiently and effectively all while having fun. We work in a deadline-driven, stressful environment and they don’t want to waste the client’s or associate’s time scrambling before or during the project. As a very detail-oriented and organized person, this means a lot to me. I occasionally work with other clients that have little-to-no processes, each proposal manager manages a bid their own way, making up rules on the fly, with no schedule.”


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