Meet a small selection of the global Salentis family

Global Team, One Mission

Richard Haldenby, Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Birkbeck, Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Charlie Lewis, Head of Business Development, UK & EMEA
Jason Hope, General Manager, Asia Pacific
Karen Espley, Head of Operations, UK & EMEA
Taylor Hamersley, Business Support Services Specialist – Americas
Jay Frizzell, Global Design Lead
Phil Morgan, Design Lead, Asia Pacific
Michael Zari, Proposal Manager and Writer, Americas
Philippa Dalley, Design Lead, UK-EMEA
Louise Barltrop, Writer, UK & EMEA
Clinton Maughan, Proposal Manager and Writer, Asia Pacific
Cam Boyd, Proposal Manager and Senior Writer, Asia Pacific
Carrie Sams, Head of Operations, Americas
Gavin Jones, General Manager, UK & EMEA
Maj Gen (ret) Jim ‘Rev’ Jones,
Senior Advisor to the Board
Mindy Marchel, Chief Operating Officer

Richard Haldenby

With 30 years of military experience which included command of an artillery brigade, Richard has a deep knowledge of the Defence & Government Services sector, and is a subject matter expert in joint fires, targeting and battlestaff training. He honed his bid management skills at Niteworks and Oakas Ltd before joining Salentis as Head of European Markets. He is now the Interim General Manager for UK and EMEA and the CEO of Salentis’ global enterprise. Richard works principally with clients in the UK and Europe but has also supported US and Australian campaigns.

  • Telemark skier
  • Army Reservist
  • Motorcyclist
  • Windsurfer
  • Poppy seller
  • Husband and dad

Aaron Birkbeck

With 12 years of military experience, and several years operating in commercial operations in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, Aaron brings a blend of both military and non-military subject matter expertise to proposals. Aaron founded Salentis in early 2006 and has worked on hundreds of bids globally. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Salentis International.

  • Avid Traveller
  • Digital Nomad
  • Multi-linguist
  • Tango Dancer
  • Husband and Dad

Charlie Lewis

Following a 22 year military career and 11 years of industry experience, Charlie is a highly motivated and experienced business development consultant within the Space and Defence sector with a proven track record of winning — from strategy to contract. He has extensive business development contacts with Tier 1 suppliers and SMEs and a demonstrable B2B network. Charlie specialises in training solutions, Integrated Logistical Support solutions and digital training interventions for communications and information systems and platforms. As the business development lead for Salentis in UK and EMEA, Charlie works predominantly in the UK but draws on his global networks and connections. 

  • Avid SCUBA diver
  • Virtual runner
  • Amateur wine taster
  • Expert cider drinker
  • Husband and dad
  • Grandad

Jason Hope

Jason has over 25 years corporate and commercial experience working for both multinational and privately owned companies. From Operations Manager to Group Development and Marketing Director servicing the Defence, Manufacturing, and Mining and resources markets. Being a strong believer in developing team performance and individual success, Jason has oversight of the day to day operations across Asia Pacific and is responsible for the delivery of services to our clients as well as the welfare and professionalism of our associates and staff. Jason directly supports projects as a Campaign Manager, Proposal Manager and content author.

  • Runner
  • Cyclist
  • Home Renovator
  • Traveller
  • Gardener

Karen Espley

Karen spent 15 years working in the corporate world before going freelance for the next 15! She has worked with many businesses including having been the Ops director of an IT consultancy and has run her own business coaching practice. She is now the Operations lead for Salentis UK and EMEA managing the back-office functions of the business. She also provides marketing support for Salentis International.

  • Published author
  • Artist
  • Environmentalist
  • Volunteer at a repair café 
  • Cat lover
  • Wakeboarder

Taylor Hamersley

After performing the ins and outs of The Salentis Way® on multiple projects as the Proposal Coordinator, Taylor has settled into leading and coordinating both business support and administration and workforce operations for the Salentis Americas region since mid 2017. She has an in-depth understanding of our business within the region and the support functions required to keep the machine running. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, she helps to keep Salentis current, effective, and persuasive.

  • Performer
  • Artist
  • Educator
  • Perfectionist
  • Drinker of Gin

Jay Frizzell

A creative professional, accomplished in art and creative direction, project management, and design with over 20 years of experience; Jay brings dynamic artistic leadership and insight, driving project success for our global clients as our Global Design Lead. He guides our creative professionals to exceed expectations through visual solutions. Away from the hustle of client work and based in Florida, USA, he spends time auto racing and doing all things outdoors – hiking, biking, and golfing, with Kasie his wife and three grown children. 

  • Husband and Father of 3
  • Auto Racer
  • Golfer
  • Outdoor Enthusiast
  • University of Florida Gator

Phil Morgan

Phil specialises in graphic design tender support as a sub field of expertise in the graphic design industry. He has predominantly worked on large multi-hundred million and multi-billion dollar strategic tenders for over a decade, specialising in the defence sector for the last 5 years. He works closely with subject matter expert counterparts to produce the highest global standard of visually communicated content achievable; adding value by ensuring compelling communication of the solution is treated equally as important as designing the content to be visually engaging. He will not just ‘rebrand’ set content, but will seek to understand the content and maximise visual articulation.

  • Multimedia painter and Illustrator
  • Mural artist in spare time
  • Avid traveller
  • History, global culture and politics enthusiast
  • Ecology and biology enthusiast
  • Sharp dresser

Michael Zari

Michael brings more than 34 years of engineering and proposal writing to every bid he works. Having supported more than 100 U.S. and other government procurements, he is well-versed in business development strategy, technical solutioning, proposal development, and the necessary steps to make Salentis clients the obvious choice for technical evaluators. His subject matter expertise areas include custom sensor design (e.g., fiber optics and electro-optical systems) and his writing experience includes classified cloud support services, telecommunications, SATCOM, training and simulation, and other state-of-the-art engineering innovations. He has supported clients in the U.S., UK, and Australia. 


  • Canyon backpacker 
  • Sci-Fi nerd
  • Drinks lots of coffee
  • Hails from New York
  • Loves Korean food
  • Enjoys wearing a tie

Philippa Dalley

Philippa has spent more than 30 years in the graphic design industry, 6 of which were in South Africa, before starting her own business as a Graphics and Jewellery Designer. She has engaged in an array of design disciplines from branding and corporate, vehicle livery, exhibitions, fabric design to packaging. She now works alongside our Salentis UK team as Design Lead, working closely with Writers to produce clean winning bid documents, filled with clear and informative graphics.

  • Silversmith
  • Candle maker
  • Ghosthunter
  • Folk singer
  • Earth lover

Louise Barltrop

Louise is an enthusiastic communicator with over 20 years of editorial and publishing experience, including 5 years working in Defence Publishing first as Assistant Editor on World Defence Systems, a RUSI publication and then as Content Developer at Jane’s Information Group. Having diversified from her editorial background, she has since spent over 5 years working in Project and Programme Management Offices within MOD or other defence related organisations (Niteworks, ELS, DSTL).

She is now a permanent member of the UK Salentis bid writing team.

  • Clay Pigeon Shooter
  • Amateur archaeologist
  • Theatre lover
  • Cyclist
  • Gardener

Clinton Maughan

With over 23 years of military experience, specialised in Combat Systems, Tactical Data Links and Joint C2, Clinton is an expert in Navy, Joint and Coalition operations from the perspective of C4ISREW as an operator, supervisor, manager and instructor. Clinton is experienced in managing large-scale strategic ASDEFCON programs and specialises in Australian Industry Capability (AIC) strategy development, helping align companies to the enhanced AIC contractual framework. When not managing or writing proposals Clinton can be found on his family’s farm, usually fixing fences!

  • Part-time Jackaroo
  • Gardener
  • Foodie
  • Global Traveller
  • Live Music Goer

Cam Boyd

Cameron holds a BA in cognitive science and has undertaken export control research. He has held executive and technical roles in project management, systems engineering, quality assurance and executive management. He has experience as a writer, researcher and consultant in information, military and space technologies, technical regulation, and in complex systems. Cameron has been involved in Australian space projects over the last 20 years, including rocket and spacecraft development projects, launch operations at the Woomera Prohibited Area, hypersonic research and the award-winning Antarctic Broadband project to provide broadband communications to Antarctica. He is now a proposal specialist with Salentis International.

  • Swordsman
  • Powerbocker
  • Astrophotographer
  • Motorcyclist
  • Native engineer
  • Husband and dad


Carrie Sams

Carrie comes to Salentis with more than 12 years of management and recruiting experience. With a passion for people, she has had a hand in building successful staffing experiences for large corporations like Starbucks and You Move Me, keeping turnover to a minimum. Having sourced a variety of talent from entry level to leadership positions, Carrie is adept at recognizing and identifying potential, core values, and specific skills within Salentis project candidates.

Her adaptability to the wide spectrum of content with which Salentis works, means she is excellent at curating teams for our clients with the right skill and personality mix for maximized efficiencies, high-quality outputs, and a little fun on the job. Carrie brings her experience to Salentis facilitating streamlined development processes in personnel lifecycle management, continuous improvement, and maintaining the core values of The Salentis Way® throughout day-to-day associate operations.

  • Wife and Toddler Mom
  • Avid Baker
  • Gardener Extraordinaire
  • Classically Trained Opera Singer
  • Lover of Quality Time
Family photo with couple - father holding the child and mother kissing the child

Gavin Jones

With over 30 years of military experience, including several posts teaching in world-recognised leadership schools, Gavin has a deep knowledge of the Defence & Government Services sector, and is a subject matter expert in the design, development, and delivery of training. He honed his senior level business management skills in the UK public health sector before joining Salentis as a writer. After gaining experience of the business, he is now the General Manager for the UK and EMEA region. Gavin oversees business operations across the region bringing a strong ethos of integrity, teamwork, and inclusive leadership to the role.

  • Motorcyclist
  • Skier
  • Amateur wine enthusiast
  • Often frustrated Arsenal FC supporter
  • Husband, dad and dog owner
Man on touring motorbike on cobbled street in town

Maj Gen (ret) Jim ‘Rev’ Jones

With more than 32 years of military service, Maj Gen (ret) Jim Jones, “Rev”, brings a deep understanding of requirements and programs within the defense industry and is a subject matter expert in the joint application of airpower and operational level command and control.

As a prior consultant within the defense industry, he provided strategic advice to various major defense corporations to help ensure they were properly positioned to win recapitalization/procurement contracts for major weapon systems.

He currently assists the Salentis executive team and our clients in identifying credible pursuits and the optimal proposal strategies.

  • Avid reader of military history
  • Enjoys cooking, hates cleaning up afterwards
  • Happiest on a Harley
  • Prior music major—current music listener
  • Husband, father of five, grandfather of three
Man wearing motorcycle helmet sitting on a Harley-Davidson with a scenic view behind

Mindy Marchel

With 13 years of proposal development experience, Mindy has a deep understanding of what it takes to win. As a Salentis co-founder, co-developer of The Salentis Way®, and the Chief Operations Officer, she is now enabling teams globally to achieve maximized quality and value for Salentis clients on every project. With more than 120 projects under her belt, worth more than US$100B, she works with Salentis teams in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and UK-EMEA with one goal in mind: to create a compliant, compelling bid that makes our clients the obvious choice.

  • Perfectionist (control freak, micromanager, workaholic, pick an adjective…you get the gist)
  • 1st Baker…2nd Cook…overall foodie
  • Wannabe interior designer 
  • Used-to-be singer and cowgirl (occasionally at the same time)
  • Reader
  • Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and Friend

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