Digital Forensics Strategy White Paper

Project date: March 2020

Our client holds the contract to support a large number of police forces across the UK with their forensics service. Their approach to seeking to develop it into a proactive service, able to deal with current and future demands for digital services, depended on the UK Home Office’s endorsement of their strategy. Salentis provided a team to draw together the views of a diverse set of stakeholders and present their case in a compelling strategic white paper. It has now been endorsed by the UK Government.

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The Challenge

The client was working on delivering the forensics service for a large number of UK police forces. They did not have the capacity to collate the views of a broad stakeholder community or to develop the case for a strategy. 

Insufficient capacity to do the work and limited experience of strategy development.

The Solution

Salentis was able to identify a team leader with extensive experience in strategy development. With his team, he facilitated the development of a draft strategy. This was presented to decision-makers and refined based on their feedback to the point of agreement. A key aspect was the presentation of the case in a professionally formatted document supported by clear, compelling graphics.

  • Facilitation of the development of a draft key UK Government strategy
  • Management of the refinement of the draft strategy based on feedback from a wide community of interest
  • Compelling, professional-looking graphics to present key concepts in the most compelling way
  • Presentation of the strategy in a clear, attractive format

The Impact

The strategy has now been endorsed by the Home Office. It will form the basis of the Government’s approach to digital forensics in support of the police service in future years.

Article published: January 2021

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