Interim Indirect Fires Simulation

Project date: June 2021

This tender was for a platform trainer for artillery guns and mortars that integrates the crews’ actions into the wider military simulated environment. Salentis provided full proposal management, technical writing, layout and graphic design to a client team based in the UK and the US.

Size of Project


Salentis Team Size




The Challenge

Our US clients had little writing or graphic design capacity in the UK and limited knowledge of UK artillery and mortar tactics, techniques and procedures. They also had an innovative solution which provides superior training for the user but could have appeared novel and risky to the customer. The challenge for Salentis was to demonstrate the solution’s viability to the customer with clarity.

The Solution

We sought to make our client’s proposal ‘real’ with detailed isometric graphics throughout each technical section to demonstrate exactly how it would work. They were supported by evidence of our client’s deep experience in providing simulation systems in both the US and the UK MOD. At the core of the solution was a single-page isometric concept of operations graphic that showed every aspect of the system in use on a single page

The Impact

Our client was down-selected to the final stage of the competition; we assisted with the refinement of their Best and Final Offer. A contract award decision has yet to be published.

Article published: May 2023

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